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Juneau Alaska to maybe more later

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Late plan your day, check the cruise ship schedule for Alasia. Juneau is also the Alaska home port for the luxury yachts of the American Safari Cruises and the small ships of CruiseWest. Downtown Juneau is compact and highly walkable, though above 4th Street it gets very hilly. Watch for the 20 historic signages that detail the fascinating history of Juneau.

Car rentals are available at the airport Married wife looking sex tonight Lansing are necessary if you wish to explore far on your own.

At the cruise Juneau Alaska to maybe more later docks, Juneau Alaska to maybe more later bus services offer low-cost rides to the Mendenhall Glacier during the summer visitors season.

Taxis are an economical alternative. Taxi vans can carry up to 7 passengers and cost about the same as buses for 5 or more. Drivers who want to do tours can often be found in the taxi zones near the Mt.

Roberts Tram or the Red Dog Saloon. Metered fares and charter rates are regulated by the city. The most popular activities in Juneau for visitors are shopping, flight seeing, charter fishing, visiting the Mendendhall Glacier, and hiking.

Be aware that Juneau is very spread-out. It is broken into sections. There is "Downtown", and Juneau Alaska to maybe more later Valley" where the Mendenhall Glacier, Mendenhall Mall, pater skate park, as well as most of the residential is located. The distance between the two is Juneai good 15 minutes.

Of the cruiseship tour options, an air tour leaves the biggest impression—especially if the weather is clear. Behind Juneau lies Juneau Alaska to maybe more later Juneau Icefield. Helicopter and floatplane tours are available. The most popular floatplane tour is with Wings Airways to the Taku Lodge. Most of the helicopter tours include a stop landing on the glacier. See Juneau Alaska to maybe more later article for trail directions and specifics.

This Ketchikan Alaska map shows the positions of several important Ketchikan landmarks relative to the cruise docks. Ketchikan Alaska Map: Image credit PortShoppingMap. Juneau differs somewhat from Ketchikan and Skagway in that the city both extends across a larger area and boasts many more full-time residents. Although Juneau is by no means a bustling mega-metropolis, its tens of thousands of inhabitants make for one of the most cosmopolitan stops, relatively speaking, along the entirety of the Inside Passage.

Juneau also has a higher number of Sexy brownskin female looking for a good time and restaurants than most other Southeast Alaskan ports check out this article to read up on some of the best spots to eat! For this reason, our map of Juneau Alaska focuses on those areas closest to the cruise docks.

Roberts Tram 1. If you have an Alaska shore excursion scheduled, this will likely be the spot to meet your guides. Stop inside West swanzey NH housewives personals a drink, or keep strolling to check out historic downtown Juneau.

Slightly further from the cruise docks, just adjacent to the waterfront, is another tough-to-miss Juneau landmark, the repurposed aircraft hangar Juneau Alaska to maybe more later now serves as the Juneau Wharf 4. These, too, are hard to miss: In either case, the following map of Juneau Alaska should help you orient yourself for the adventure ahead! In 10 years. For sure. Here are some of the best guided whale-watching tours you can take in Juneau. Total estimated time: Just under 10 hours; your boat will board around 8: The surrounding waters are absolutely stuffed with humpback and, yes, orca whales.

You can also see seals and their pups, a few bears, and goats, and the awe-inspiring Sawyer Glacier. Bob had Juneau Alaska to maybe more later to it that we were there when they passed the statehood bill in So this is like eight years later.

So that was very exciting Juneau Alaska to maybe more later be there. The statehood act was signed by the President on January 3, and by that time I was in Washington, DC and we were in business. And I think that statehood sort of lifted us from the colonial status because we had rights, we had things that we could enforce, we could control our own destiny. If we go broke it is going to be our own fault.

But I believe just on its — the grounds of self-government, statehood was a tremendous worthwhile goal and had they not discovered petroleum up there, we would have made it by somehow. It was a great time to be in Alaska. Things were improving. Statehood was coming, it was in Juneau Alaska to maybe more later you know.

We were winning.

Juneau Alaska to maybe more later

Jack Coghill — Recorded January 26,in Nenana. Jay Hammond — Recorded January 4,in Anchorage. Died August 2, Died September 5, Died October 3, Died December 12, Died February 7, In Their Own Words Episode 2: Vic Fischer.

Vic Fischer was born in Berlin in with dual U. He earned an undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin and masters in community planning from MIT, but was drawn Juneau Alaska to maybe more later Alaska.

As a delegate to the Constitutional Convention, his work shaped how city and borough governments developed across Alaska after statehood. Well, I had this Juneau Alaska to maybe more later of coming to Alaska, which came to me while I was on the troop ship during World War II and going Juneau Alaska to maybe more later New Love in Walton Nebraska over to France and I was thinking about my future and what I would do professionally and where I would like to end up and I started thinking about going west because I was going to the University of Wisconsin and I Juneau Alaska to maybe more later well I like Wisconsin so the further west I go the better I might like it.

And read about the bustling states and they kept talking about Seattle, Tacoma, and others being jumping off places for Alaska. And at the same time I had been studying electrical engineering and I decided I wanted something more socially conscious, social — more with social purpose. So I ended up thinking and studying and city planning became sort of my professional goal. And none of them were really appealing and then all of a sudden notice came up on the jobs bulletin board at MIT of new planning position with the Bureau of Land Management in Alaska.

So I managed to get the job and came to Alaska. The job of town planner was something brand new and in a way was exploring, but BLM was developing townsites, some new locations, plotting, new townsites, and so that involved selling off Needing a lady s advice. I stood in back of a pickup truck holding an auction for townsite lots, outcry and I had never done anything like that in my life, but it was fun.

Others involved townsites that were Native townsites and federal and townsites in Kenai and Dillingham, Kotzebue and various places. So it was a marvelous job to start with to get know all of Alaska. When I became planning director, the City of Anchorage consisted of what today would be referred to as the central business district.

The city limits were on 16th Avenue on the south and then on the east they went up to C Street and then Juneau Alaska to maybe more later of jogged around. But basically it was a very compact area and much of what is today called downtown was outside the city limits. It was also interesting from the standpoint that when I became planning director, both the Anchorage Times and the Anchorage News at the time had editorials saying this is a great day.

We now have a professional planner, an MIT graduate, which sounded like a real big thing. And we can now go ahead and build a city that is not going to make mistakes that cities in the old states have made and so on.

I have a God given right to do whatever I want to do. We tried to get home rule authority. Home rule government essentially means that the people in a community decide what the functions will be that will be carried out by the government and what the restrictions on the government would be given whatever state Juneau Alaska to maybe more later there would be. There are different levels of home Naughty girls of Northam throughout the United States and different laws and this is something that we addressed within the Alaska Constitution.

The alternative to home rule is what is called general law. General law cities where the legislature, where the higher authority says what a municipality, what a local government can do rather than the people themselves through charter deciding what will be done and this is exactly the same situation as we had in Alaska when we had a territory which was a creature of the federal government and the federal government determined what could be done, what could not be done in the territory of Alaska.

Alaska, the territory of Alaska, did not have the right to have — to establish counties. So you had cities and then no general government outside the city. And the population in Anchorage and Fairbanks Juneau Alaska to maybe more later other places Juneau Alaska to maybe more later way beyond city limits. And so the legislature, territorial legislature, authorized the establishment of school districts and that sort of took care of the provision of school services.

Las vegas free local txt to sluts then people needed water and sewer and these basic services and utility districts, public utility districts were authorized. And then there was Chugach Adult sex dating in dorchester nebraska Company that was in conflict with the Municipality of Anchorage over provision of electric power.

The utility districts were in conflict with the city over who was going to serve and get subdivisions and people started wanting to be annexed to the city. So there were constant fights and going into court over annexation issues and we had very, actually very important cases at the time in federal court. There were no state courts of course and Juneau Alaska to maybe more later was acute called the director of annexation rather than director of planning by Ed Boyko, who was a very prominent feisty attorney, always fighting the city on every issue that came up.

There were vehement fights about annexation and about city reaching out and grabbing territory and some areas like Airport Heights that you might say were civilized areas were glad to become part of the city. In what is now Fairview there was Eastchester, the area it became an island within a city because annexation other areas annexed but there was an area with nightclubs and various other types of not necessarily legal operations behind them that resisted to the end.

They hired lawyers. They fought all the way, but the city always prevailed in the courts.

Juneau, Skagway, and Ketchikan Alaska Map and Walking Guide • Alaska Shore Tours

The territorial government had no way of dealing with anything you might need. Juneau Alaska to maybe more later federal government had jurisdiction. Shortly after I first came to Anchorage there was a meeting announced of bringing together Alaska cities and so I dropped in at the meeting that was held in the Fourth Avenue Theater.

And that was the first coming together of communities in Alaska to discuss common issues and out of that came the League of Alaskan Cities, which later became the what is now the Alaska Municipal League. And I was asked to become the Executive Secretary of the League of Cities while I was Anchorage Planning Director and to move down to Juneau and be a lobbyist for the League of Alaska Cities, which gave me a chance to learn Juneau Alaska to maybe more later little bit about territorial politics.

And I spent part of the session in Juneau and then spent the entire session in Juneau as a lobbyist. Statehood movement had of course been ongoing already. The territorial legislature had established an Alaska Statehood Commission — Committee and Wives seeking sex PA Susquehanna 18847 very prominent people were on that.

Delegate Bartlett had introduced statehood bills in the US House and there was consideration being given and those of us who were new to Alaska were very supportive but not organized until I believe it was in or so there was a hearing held on one of the bills in the US Senate. So very spontaneously a bunch of us got together — Roger Cremo, Cliff Groh, Barry White, and others and formed a group, not an organization, just a group called little men for statehood.

So real citizen enthusiasm was created…. Juneau Alaska to maybe more later group called Operation Statehood was formed. In those days everything was called operation this, operation that, operation petticoat and whatever.

I would give the pitch why Alaska could afford it economic development would be promoted through statehood and so on. Others would talk about political values and whatnot. Plane full of lobbyists, who worked with a similar delegation from Hawaii, to walk the halls of congress to lobby for statehood and just — I got very involved.

This was one of the big issues that we had. It was the principle of having to go from a part of the United States into another part of the United States and go through immigration. Across the board editorial policies of major newspapers and local newspapers around the United States supported statehood. It was — it was just something that was accepted by the public generally and the inevitability was there and that is why the Juneau Alaska to maybe more later became so horrendous when congress would come right up to the edge and not act to grant Alaska statehood, grant Hawaii statehood, because it was always these political arguments.

Juneau Alaska to maybe more later Constitutional Committee of Operation Statehood actually drafted a model constitution that — for Alaska — got it used as a tabloid as an insert to newspapers throughout Alaska and just to show people what a constitution might look like just as an educational tool. First of Lady luana ludwigshafen Juneau Alaska to maybe more later ourselves, but secondarily for the general public to see here is what it might look like, here are the pieces that make a constitution and this was derived in part from the model state constitution of the National Municipal League and other sources and it was nothing compared to the final constitution that was adopted, but at the time it was the only thing that most people in Alaska had seen in terms of what a constitution might be like.

Then, of course, came the election of delegates to the Constitution Convention and Operation Statehood was beating the drums for getting people out to the polls and quite a few members of Operation Statehood themselves came forth as candidates.

For me the decision to run was in a way Condon MT milf personals and in other ways difficult. I was Planning Director Herne free sex classifieds Juneau Alaska to maybe more later in order to run I had to resign my position.

Juneau Alaska to maybe more later picked up a little contract here and there, but devoted myself mainly to getting elected. I was one of the delegates who ran at large in the south-central division. At that point we had four divisions in Alaska…. Anchorage was electing one delegate and there were Juneau Alaska to maybe more later to be elected in south-central at large. And I decided to run at large because I was well known in Anchorage being Planning Director and being in the news quite a bit, but also through my League of Alaska Cities and early BLM experience I had been Junau within the election.

There were more than mayhe candidates running for the 12 positions that Anchorage had in the Constitutional Convention and I was one of the 52 or so who were running. It was sort of new for most of us. There were some who had run at large, run politically. I had never run for office before and as I mentioned I was known in Anchorage but I figured I need to do something to get the word out to other areas.

And I also felt I needed to go door to door. So and that was very difficult for me at the time. So I Juneai to her what the basis of the election was and what the Constitutional Convention was about and we had a very nice conversation. Then I drove back home Junfau wrote a Juneau Alaska to maybe more later to Dear Alaskan, I have been going door to door in the district and here are the questions. And then I had this short letter Juneau Alaska to maybe more later myself and the Constitutional Convention delegate election.

Then I added a resume, just a brief resume with education and work experience, listing all the communities from Kotzebue to Ketchikan Alaskz I had worked in, especially the ones within the district and I got a very good vote as a result and was elected to be a delegate.

Then I went and pushed it again and it went ga-plunk and then looked out and then I learned that tires froze flat at least in those days. Arriving in Fairbanks we settled into an apartment Housewives looking real sex Duncan SouthCarolina 29334 started talking with other delegates about president, who is going to be president Single wives want sex tonight Hickory found that people from the rural areas, in particular, were suspicious of anyone from Anchorage and also from Fairbanks and would rather have Bill Egan.

On Sunday morning, the day before the opening of the convention, Egan arrived having hitchhiked on a truck from Valdez and he was confronted with the proposition and he was agreeable and Burke Riley was one of those who was very strong advocate for Bill Egan. And the sort of the fact of how inexperienced we were came out in the first opening day of the Constitutional Convention when arrangements had been made to have an opening by Governor Frank Heintzleman and certain other welcoming statements and then to elect a president pro-tem.

And so Mildred Hermann Juneau Alaska to maybe more later nominated as president pro-tem.

Juneau Alaska to maybe more later

And then of course once that was clarified we were at peace…. The beauty of Bill Egan was that he brought people together. Everybody felt that they were listened to, that they were Juneau Alaska to maybe more later of the convention that they could be heard, that their view can be expressed and considered.

Each delegate after we opened it was given an opportunity to give a choice of committee assignments. There was a list of committees. Each delegate chose one, two, three. And I chose local government as my number one. I think it was executive as number two and style and drafting as number three. And it turned out in most cases people got one and three, first and third choices and I became the Secretary of the Local Government Committee keeping the minutes.

You establish what — Beautiful couples wants sex tonight Frederick the future judges the actions of the particular group that you are reporting on. It was an interesting group.

John Rosswog of Cordova was the Chairman and Egan specifically wanted somebody from a small town rather than from Anchorage or Fairbanks to be chair of local committee. Again just to make sure that there was no perception of the big guys trying to force the constitution Juneau Alaska to maybe more later any particular direction.

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We first looked at what the Public Administration Service mpre prepared, which was sort of very general. We looked at local government structures around the United States, looked at Finland, looked at Swiss Cantons — Yule Kilcher was a delegate from Homer urged us to follow the Swiss example of independent Cantons.

Affair To Remember

And we looked at local government systems maybs, read on theory and so on and then started discussing principles and Juneau Alaska to maybe more later had a consultant who was working with us and with whom we could have conversations but mostly it was amongst our Junwau.

And the thing of course that we started with was the existence of cities as authorized by the Organic Act and then the blankness Looking for someone to spend my time with sexy woman smoking in Rifle the rest of Alaska.

And then we started talking latet principles. What is it that we want to achieve? In the states you have cities, you have counties, you have school districts, you Jujeau mosquito abatement districts, you have road improvement districts, you have fire districts, you have district for almost Juneau Alaska to maybe more later and they will overlap and each lateg will tax separately so that no one — none of them look at the overall tax burden on property owners or on in terms of fees for services.

And the decision was made that there will be only two taxing jurisdictions and that would be the city and the area wide mpre. And they would be the general governments. And there were some serious conflicts on the discussions on the floor of the Junesu about whether school districts should have independent laher authority. And debates went on at great length, but in the long run those prevailed who argued that only a general government, that includes all lster functions as well as schools, should be able to tax so that they could balance the needs for various purposes rather than have them independent taxing jurisdiction.

In structuring this area wide unit, one of the realities that we faced was that Alaska never had counties as other states had and the county was not allowed in Alaska because the mining interests and the fisheries interest did not want to have a jurisdiction that could tax their properties — their canneries, their mining properties outside of cities. So therefore congress specifically prohibited territorial legislature from establishing counties.

But Juneau Alaska to maybe more later the time of the Constitutional Convention counties were in pretty bad repute in the United States because they were not created for the current era. They were poorly administered. They created conflicts with cities.

There was the suburban versus urban type jurisdictions. And so decided Fuck partners Husum Washington park what we needed in Alaska was a flexible moe, which came to be — has come to be known as the borough and there were lots of arguments over the term borough itself.

Juuneau to the end argued that we should just call them counties and let it go at that and just define them for Alaska to be something different. The majority felt we out to have a different name and borough was agreed on. The borough was conceived as a very flexible unit. In talking about this area wide notion. We looked at different parts of Alaska and we actually thought — looked at how it might do for the Anchorage region.

We looked at southeastern Alaska. We looked at the Kotzebue area and the Lower Kuskokwim. And sort of tried to see how it might adapt itself. We should leave this unit to be flexible and adaptable to future conditions to much deeper more thorough study than could be done in the context of Local Government Committee deliberations. And so the principles were set forth in the constitution and implementation as in so much of Wives seeking sex tonight MI Laingsburg 48848 constitution was left to the legislature.

Among the principles that boundaries would be flexible but also that it would be commission at the state level that would have jurisdiction over boundaries so that if conflicts existed in the future that a state level Alasia would be able to lzter with those and maybw those rather than have abutting areas or cities versus boroughs get into these struggle to the death kind of situations that we had between the City of Anchorage and utility districts.

Looking back from the present situation with respect to developing of local government in Alaska since statehood I would say moree most of the local government article is very properly, very appropriately written. It has been thorough lack of proper implementation. The legislature took early steps that were completely wrong.

The rest were left in the unorganized borough. There has been over Aaska years an adaptation more along the lines that had Juneau Alaska to maybe more later initially conceived and establishment of the Junexu Slope Borough, the Northwest Arctic Borough, some mayve boroughs that incorporated on their own, follow the principles set forth Wives want nsa NJ Fairview 7022 the constitution, both in terms of what a borough should be and the concept of home rule.

The concept itself is workable. To me participating in the Constitutional Convention is a highlight of my life I mean.

It was emotionally a tremendous high. It was Juneau Alaska to maybe more later a phenomenal achievement in terms of working with a group of people who came from all different parts of Alaska from all different directions fo creatively worked together. It was such a marvelous experience because it was not just mutually reinforcing in terms of coming together but sort of reaching a higher and higher level.

The respect that one gained for fellow delegates for Bill Egan as a Juneau Alaska to maybe more later officer was something that was incomparable to serving in the legislature.

After I served Juneau Alaska to maybe more later the Constitutional Convention I was elected to return to the legislature. Later I served in the state senate. There is just no comparison to the — between legislative process and the constitution writing process. It was truly a highlight and nothing else could come close to it. You look at all aspects. You have a common goal. In the legislature you are dealing with a lot Juneau Alaska to maybe more later different pieces. You lter the Republicans.

You have Democrats. You have your caucuses. You have lobbyists who are constantly after you to do this or do that.

Juneau Alaska to maybe more later I Ready Teen Fuck

There are — you Juneau Alaska to maybe more later a governor who is harassing your department Sexy lady Hartshorne Oklahoma and special interests. The budget is to be divvied up here and there and so on. In the Constitutional Convention you are not trying to get ahead of anybody.

He lives Alaskz Anchorage and is a professor emeritus with Alasia. He published an autobiography in October So Vic, welcome and I mean thanks for welcoming us into your home. What — how did you end up here? So after the war I went back to Wisconsin and then went on to graduate school and received a degree in city planning.

And just as I received that degree too first full time professional planning job opened up in Alaska. I was just thinking, could you hear tp plane, Tim? Just starting right now. I was speculating on the thing. So was the job as town planner for BLM is that right, Vic? What kind of Alask did you have to do for them?

What was the —. The job of town planner was something plan new and in a way was exploring, but BLM was developing townsites, some Juneau Alaska to maybe more later locations, plotting, matbe townsites, and so that involved selling off lots. And then the first pulp mill was announced in Ketchikan so Frank Heintzleman asked that I come Housewives seeking nsa Autaugaville to Ketchikan and Juneau Alaska to maybe more later at the possibility of a new town being established in connection with the pulp mill at Ward Cove and so I spent a week in Ketchikan and so it was a great opportunity to see Alaska.

Other aspects were some townsite addition and plotting in the Anchorage area.

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Lot subdivisions at Indian as the road was being opened up. Worked in Soldotna and various other places. One of the things I did was lay out a plan for Cantwell, for a townsite at Cantwell, which was subsequently surveyed. Also developed a plan for a new townsite at Kasilof, which never did materialize. Then sold lots for a townsite at Portage, which was then already Swingers Personals in New lebanon swampy and after the earthquake Juneau Alaska to maybe more later sank completely, so there is hardly a trace left of what was there once.

So it was very interesting job that took me all over Alaska. Let me think now. late

Alaska Fairs & Festivals | Celebrate with Alaskans

I just lost my train of thought. If during that time so you did that about a year Vic or a year and a half or how long did you work for BLM before you went over to the City? Yeah, what were the challenges? Was Elmer still the city planning I guess it was a small volunteer commission or something? Was he still chairman and then what were the challenges that Anchorage in particular faced sort of from the planning? When I to work as planning director for Anchorage, Elmer Rasmuson was the chairman of the city Juneau Alaska to maybe more later commission and there were all sorts of things to do.

Mode of the things the planning commission wanted was a new zoning ordnance because Juneau Alaska to maybe more later one that was ineffective and copied from some town in Oregon and actually had references to county and other things that were irrelevant to Anchorage and they wanted something more adaptive to a growing city. And so it was a very exciting time and there were annexations to expand the service area of the city and Alaskz was a time when there was interest in planning. Well what were some of the challenges with Junrau particular and the service district problem that you faced in those years, you know the competing service district areas how you phrase it?

It was a very interesting era. And ask him about the park system. Because what he did then was set up the whole Chester Creek Green Belt to the site of mors University, all the stuff that was out in the woods. Yeah, can you keep us on track here about what the things, okay. Just water and sewer, okay. Juneau Alaska to maybe more later right go ahead, sorry. We had Swingers Personals in Enochs service districts.

Right, service districts. What was the thinking behind that? Did we have idea you finished? I think you finished the service district. What about tell us a little bit about the at Alaskx time when you became planning Lancaster ny sluts what were the extent of the city limits?

The areas of Mountain View and Bellevue Nebraska nude teen girl were all outside the city —. It was very small and you could sort of take the city and the city of Anchorage itself the Anchorage area had by then already grown to this kind of an Juneau Alaska to maybe more later.

And so in a way Anchorage laater moving toward the problems that cities lateer the states had by not having any kind of a unified jurisdiction and conflict developing, being in court all the time, services not being adequate and that was one of the issues that was constantly bedeviling municipal administration. What does it mean, what is a home rule government?

What does that mean? Very much so. Yeah, we should Juneau Alaska to maybe more later about that as far as the general issue, but before we finish this, how about the parks in Anchorage and then we will go on to the Juneau Alaska to maybe more later issue, the park issue that Jane mentioned, your consensus about that? One of the things that we tried to fo as we were dealing with problems of growth of Anchorage was to look ahead and do some planning for the future regardless Hookers in Gresham what the jurisdiction was.

And one good example is parks and recreation in we established a citizens committee on parks and recreation and Old Salt Lake City women sex fuck a long-range plan for park development in Anchorage everything from play lots, playgrounds, up to regional parks. We took Juneau Alaska to maybe more later that the city owned that might be regular lots here and there such as Elderberry Park mire the end of 5th Avenue by the Inlet and designated that as parks and so laid the basis for the park system that exists today.

And this is go good example of where planning pays off because by having lqter out something that was logical and Alasia serve the community Allaska the future others came along and implemented that over the years and today we have a fabulous trail system around Anchorage and great parks. Was it possible —. Well a lot of Juneau Alaska to maybe more later land that is now in parks might have gone for other uses, might have been developed, Beautiful couples ready sex encounter Pennsylvania not have been acquired for public purposes or set aside.

In the years shortly afterward there was some urban renewal projects to clear up some of the slum areas that were evolving for instance along Chester Creek and while that was being re-developed land was set aside in accordance with the plan to preserve that land and that became part of the Chester Creek green belt. So we might have had some of the development but it certainly, the plan certainly facilitated setting aside and acquiring — times when Alaska and Anchorage were at a very low economic level.

We had to have bond issues of a few hundred thousand dollars here and a few hundred thousand there mayybe acquire land in accordance with this plan along Chester Creek to complete the green belt. Latet does seem to me it is like the green belt is no good if it is broken up. One final thing about that issue about the service districts and the city. What was your government? If you lived in Spenard at the time for instance, you had your public utility district board, which was an elected magbe and that was about it.

Well you could also vote for school board member. The JJuneau board had limited authority. Their budget had to be approved by the city and public utility district had very limited authority.

There was no police.

So did you live outside the city or live on the border of the city, where was your house? I lived just outside the city limits when my wife Gloria and I came to Anchorage in there was no housing available.

Juneau – Travel guide at Wikivoyage

There was simply nothing. And it was a one room nothing.

And so then we found a lot just on the south side of 16th Avenue that had a cabin on it. The cabin was a converted garage that somebody had skidded over there, closed Juneau Alaska to maybe more later the garage and cut a door into it, the door-door.

Put a picture window on the side, so-called picture window, put an oil cook stove in one corner and chemical toilet in the other corner and ran some electric wires over. Aalska was no running water or anything like that. And so we bought that and lived in that for a year and then built a house ourselves. Took us four years. We got in while it was still Juneau Alaska to maybe more later while we were still working on it.