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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. I want to mount my TV on the wall and just purchase a wall mount for it. I've done this kind of install before, but when I was using my stud finder, it is indicating that one of the studs has AC current.

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Presumably, there is an AC line stapled to the stud vertically. Is there any way I am able to still use the stud with my wall mount? I'm mounting in a corner so there are only really two studs to use. Am I SOL? Presumably it's Singles cam stud who likes other studs ofher idea to drive a 4" lag bolt into the stud, even on center, if there is a powerline stapled to the stud which itself is an asumption.

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This is the wall mount: I agree with ppa about the wire running down the stud. Try to determine which side of ztuds stud it is on by slowly moving your detector away until the light goes out. Probe for the stud with a 4d finish nail until you locate the exact ouline of it. Then follow bats advice and carefully drill the stud with a pilot bit for your lag bolt.

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You may want to be just a hair off center away from the cable but still in the meat of the stud. The pilot bit should be half the diameter of the screw or less.

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This should guide the screw and keep it from wandering off. If you take your time and are careful you should be able to avoid the electrical cable in the wall and still get the holding power of the stud.

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I would not trust 10 screws or drywall anchors for this job. The best way would be to remove a part of the drywall, attach horizontal blocking between the studs and patch the wall back up.

Then you have a really solid installation.

But then, this will cost more time and money. Personally I'd be real careful but i'd probably drill that stud.

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However if you're hesitant play it safe. If you hit the other stud with two lag screws and use two sturdy drywall anchors on othher other side, you'll be fine. I like Snaptoggles.

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Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Joseph Joseph 2 9. How old is the house? What country are you in? Breveleri Dec 3 '15 at 1: S, house is 12 years old. I suspected knob-and-tube wiring but your house is much too new for that problem.

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Breveleri Dec 3 '15 at 2: Good ljkes Thanks for the reply, ArchonOSX. Can you elaborate or point me in the right direction on attaching horizontal blocking?

I've never opened up a wall before, but this is my first home, I enjoy DIY, and I'd really like to do things the by best practice, so if removing drywall and adding more structure in the wall is the way to go, I'm in! Here is a link to a Wikipedia page.

This is also done in bathrooms to attach urinals or wall hung toilets. Or any really heavy objects. With this method you can have several lags holding the TV mount to the wall.

Should even hold a 60" plasma.

There are other ways you can accomplish this that wouldn't involve removing drywall and patching. Like a larger piece of wood attached to more studs on the surface. You have to decide what looks best with your decor.

I am kind of an overbuilder and I like to have a safety margin for something like this. I guess if you are putting up a whp monitor it would be different than hanging a 60" screen.

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Use your better judgement. Why 1. According to this: If he doesn't hit the stud in the middle, and the screw fails due to wood splitting, the other screw would take the full 90 lbs. It wouldn't take much for someone to tug on the TV to exceed 90 lb of force in my opinion. I just don't see that two 1.

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